Andre Bell Andre Kneider Marius Scholten Nils Springob
Andre Bell Andre Kneider Marius Scholten Nils Springob
It's allways the adventurer, who achieve great things. - Charles-Louis Secondat, Baron de la Brède et de Montesquieu
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2003-05-14 C++ Templates section added to softwarepages
2002-08-17 The softwarepages have been reworked. I've inserted a downloadpage for each project and one for all projects
2002-04-20 The Crazy-Idea-Homepage is ready for german and english pages. There are some pages not yet translated...
2002-03-29 Inserted our brand new Links
2002-03-23 Added recipe Provence
2002-02-26 Added recipe Fantacake from Oliver Osterbrink
2002-02-21 Added recipe Gai Pad Khing
2002-02-14 Added recipe Poundpot.
I will add the making-of-images, which have been available on the old website, later...
2002-02-09 Added recipe Mousse au chocolat
2001-09-13 Started work on new Website / first CVS Version.
2001-01-26 New AsmEdit Version 0.9 released.
2000-11-01 Improved the About us section with a funny picture of us.
2000-08-01 AsmEdit is available in the download section.
It can help you to develop for microcontrollers like the Motorola 68HC11.
(multi-document-interface, syntaxhighlighting, ...)
2000-07-28 AsmEdit Webpages added.

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